Parking lots and prices

In Vilnius airport we provide parking services in four parking lots. We suggest choosing the most convenient parking lot according to your needs. License plate number scanning system is installed in all parking lots.  

If you are planning to leave your car for longer period at the airport, we suggest choosing long-term parking lots P4, P7 or P6.  Parking lots are located about 100 meters from the airport.

Short-term parking lots (P2, P3, PC) are located next to the terminal. If you are coming to meet or see off someone, park your car at any of these parking lots. You can reach terminals of arrival and departure very easy.

Please note, that in PC parking lot, which is located next to the terminal of arrival, parking is free of charge for 15 minutes once per 3 hours.

We would like to introduce service for people in a rush in Vilnius airport, it is called BLIC+. Included in this service: car exterior washing and interior cleaning, fast track coupons and parking in Vilnius airport closest parking lot PC.

Operation of the service is very simple:

  1. Order the service on the internet and print PDF agreement.
  2. Park your car in PC parking lot in marked spaces for BLIC+.
  3. Bring printed PDF agreement, car keys and documents to the Pack&Fly kiosk, which is located in departure hall. There the rest of the documents are filled out and car keys are left.
  4. Once back from the trip, come back to the Pack&Fly kiosk to collect your car keys and documents, while your clean car waits for you in the same parking lot.

Prices of BLIC+ depends on chosen parking time.